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How to apply

Children who are currently 'looked after' by the Local Authority: speak to the social worker for the child, or alternatively contact the post-placement team on 0161 253 6868.

Children who are not currently 'looked after' by the Local Authority: contact the post-placement team on 0161 253 6868 for further information based on your specific circumstances.

As a prospective Special Guardian, you would need to seek legal advice as the Local Authority cannot make an application on your behalf; it must be done in person by yourself. Once the application has been lodged by the court, the following assessment process is likely to apply:

Two Social Workers will be involved in completing the Special Guardianship assessment; one will address issues relating to the birth parents and the child(ren) and the second will assess the prospective Special Guardian(s).

Prospective Special Guardians will be required to:

  • Attend a medical to check you're medically fit to care for the child
  • Complete a DBS check (criminal record check)
  • Provide 3 referees to comment on suitability as a carer
  • Local Authority statutory checks will be undertaken

The assessment period is usually 12 weeks, but is led by the courts. As part of the assessment, a support plan will be completed to address any needs of the young person(s).