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Supported lodgings

Supported Lodgings

Could you help a young person find independence?

We're looking for supported lodgings providers who can offer their spare room and life skills to young care leavers.

What is supported lodgings?

Supported lodgings are a service which can allow an individual to live in a family home, experiencing domestic life in a shared and supportive environment, but with a lower level of monitoring than in foster care. The young person has their own room and shares the kitchen and bathroom facilities with the family or householder - or 'host'. Similar to foster carers, hosts can be families, couples or single people.

The accommodation is a furnished bedroom in a domestic house, with use of WC, bathing, cooking and laundry facilities as a member of the household. The householder/host is resident full time in the property but pursues their own lifestyle (including daily routine, absence at work, holidays and weekends away). They provide a home-like environment and domestic routine consistent with the young person engaging in education, training or work, including the provision of some meals. They establish an appropriate and consistent personal relationship with the young person, including non-intrusive practical help and advice.

Supported lodgings give a young person aged between 16 and 21 years old a room in a home environment, and the support and guidance of an adult living there.

This might include helping young people develop life skills such as:

  • budgeting skills

  • basic personal skills

  • social skills

It might involve helping them to use public transport on their own, or help to manage their own health.

Who are the young people?

We mainly need accommodation to suit young people ages 16 to 21. Where possible, we encourage a young person to move on to independent housing from age 18, unless they are in full time education.

All the young people have a social worker who looks at their background and needs to help find the right placement for the young person and the person providing the home.

We take care to match a young person with you. We'll take time to get to know you and the kind of lodgings you can provide, considering your needs and the needs of the young person.

You'll have the final say on who shares your home.

Can I offer supported lodgings?

We welcome applications from everyone, particularly from people who are part of minority groups.

You can be;

  • one person, a couple, or a family

  • working or unemployed

  • married or unmarried

Will I be responsible for the young person?

You won't be asked to take parental responsibility for the young person; they will be a lodger in your home.

We do ask you to provide guidance and support to help young people become independent, confident adults. In supported lodgings, young people can learn to take responsibility for their own lives and find out how their actions affect not only themselves, but others they live with.

Young people may also need help with gaining practical skills such as;

  • using a bank account

  • household budgeting

  • buying and preparing food

  • cleaning

  • gardening

  • simple DIY

  • using public transport

  • organising leisure time

In other words, all that's involved in everyday living.

Is my home suitable?

Your home can be large or small, old or new, rented or owned. We do have expectations about what sort of home young people should have. For example, we expect a clean and safe bedroom for the young person to use.

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To find out more about supported lodgings fill out our Contact us form or call 0800 955 5311.