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Supported lodgings

Could you help a young person find independence?

We're looking for supported lodgings providers who can offer their spare room and life skills to young care leavers.

What are 'Supported Lodgings'?

When a young person leaves care they will typically return home, move in with friends or get their own place. However, this isn't always possible and some young people may not be ready to live independently so they move into supported accommodation.

Supported Lodgings enable young people aged 16-21 to be offered temporary accommodation in a home environment when leaving care, whilst learning basic life skills such as cooking, budgeting and setting up bank accounts.

What kind of support do young people require?

While support requirements will vary between young people, typical support needs include:

  • Advice with budgeting and benefits
  • Advice and assistance with food shopping and cooking
  • Instruction in the safe use of household appliances
  • Assistance with arranging and keeping appointments
  • Assistance with maintaining attendance at training, college or work
  • Supporting in maintaining and building relationships with family / friends / neighbours
  • Support in managing visitors
  • Assistance with maintaining the security of the house
  • Encouragement to comply with house rules
  • Chatting and providing a listening ear
  • Participation in occasional review meetings

Support does not need to be formally structured or timetabled, but it is important for the young person to know that support is there when needed.

What kind of accommodation is required?

The young person will need his or her own room with a bed and storage for clothing and other possessions.

They will need access to kitchen and bathroom and living rooms, though these can be shared with other members of the household.

The young person should feel "at home" in the accommodation and should be able to invite friends/family at reasonable times and be agreement with you.

The lodgings provider must provide the young person with his or her own front door key.

How long will a placement last?

This can vary but most placements are expected to last from six months to two years.

What sort of person makes a good Supported Lodgings Provider?

Someone who:

  • Can get on with young people and has some understanding of the problems they experience
  • Will be able to support a young person in their efforts to change
  • Will be sympathetic and not make judgements about a young person
  • Knows where their own boundaries lie and can be clear and "up-front" about types of behaviour they want/do not want in their home
  • Is able to respect the confidentiality and privacy of any young person living in their home
  • Will treat all young people equally and not discriminate against them on any grounds

Recruitment process

The Supported Lodging Co-ordinator will visit you to assess the accommodation, complete assessment documentation and discuss what it would be like to have a young person living in your home.

Additional visits will usually be made. All the members of the household will need to be visited and where appropriate assessment documentation completed for each of them.

Police checks will also be completed on all adults living in the household.

You will be asked to provide two referees to provide references. The referees must know you will and are willing to say there is no known reason why you might not be suited to support a young person in your own home.

When assessment and security checks have been completed and references received, your name will be put forward for approval by the Fostering panel.

What can you expect from Bury Children's Services?

Before asking you to take a young person into your home, we will carry out an assessment to explore the kind of young person that would fit best into your household (e.g. smoker, age, gender, etc).

You will be advised of any areas of risk to your family before taking on any placement. The choice whether to accommodate the young person is yours.

After the young person has moved in, s/he will have the support of either a Social Worker, a Young Person's Support and Advice Worker or both who will link them into activities/social opportunities available in the community.

The Supported Lodgings Co-ordinator will be there to answer any queries you may have and support your throughout your placement.

Out-of-hours professional support is available and will be easily accessible.

Supported lodging providers will be able to attend training relevant to the young people they are supporting.

Financial Arrangements

You will receive a sum of money either weekly or fortnightly that reflects the cost of accommodating and supporting a particular young person.

Contact us

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