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Teenage fostering

Teenage Fostering Scheme

Could you support our young people to make the right choices?

Together, we can make a difference.

We are seeking to recruit foster carers who can offer a safe, nurturing and stable home to teenagers who may have previously experienced severe neglect or trauma. These carers will offer support in increasing social skills, self maintenance skills and educational competence.

What is it like fostering a teenager?

As with caring for teenagers under any other circumstance, fostering a teenager comes with challenges and mood swings, but it is a very rewarding career.

These teenagers need a home with carers who have the knowledge, understanding, skills and resilience to support them unconditionally until they can either return home in the future or are ready to live independently.

The young person will have a variety of complex needs and may exhibit two or more of the following types of behaviour:

  • Non school attendance
  • Sexually harmful or exploitive behaviour
  • Missing from home
  • Alcohol and/or substance misuse
  • Difficulty coping with living in a group situation
  • Physical and verbally aggressive behaviours

Teenagers need reliable, patient and trustworthy carers that can listen, help them to make sense of their worries and guide them away from bad behaviours and lifestyle choices. Foster parents are the positive role models that these teenagers need to prepare for independent living and realising their ambitions in the future.

What sort of person are we looking for?

Potential applicants must have experience in caring for young people and an understanding of child development.

In addition to developing a young person, applicants must also be capable of committing to personal development of their own skills through ongoing training and learning how to relate these skills to the young person that they will be caring for.

Due to the intensive support required by the young person, there must be at least one adult in the household who does not work and is available on a full time basis. The household must also have no other children.

Approval process

The approval process is outlined here: Fostering approval process.

Support for carers of teenagers

Foster carers looking after a teenager will receive approximately £1499 per month plus allowances.

Additionally, carers will have access to:

  • Travel expenses
  • Regular contact from Supervising Social Worker via telephone and home visits
  • Weekly house meetings
  • Out of hours support including evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays
  • 14 days paid holiday per year
  • Membership of the Fostering Network
  • Bi monthly support groups

Contact us

For more information about fostering with Bury Council Contact us or call 0800 955 5311.